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[title open] It's Koi Because...[/title] [content]These knits are next level. Cancellato's sleeveless jumpsuit is an avant-garde knit crafted from a beautiful mohair and merino wool blend in beige and black. It has a black tube top and beige pantalon trousers with frills to the dropped waist and pockets, and a ribbed knit to the hem. The elastic ribbons at the ankles can be left open or knotted around the leg to adjust the length of the trousers. A koiski knit you'll only find at Koibird in the UK. [/content] [title] Geeky Deets [/title] [content]- Statement knitwear at its best
- Exclusive to Koibird
- 30% mohair, 30% polyamide, 15% extra-fine merino wool, 15% viscose, 5% spandex
- Cancellato places great emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability; from the very start of the design process to the yarn selection and the final result
- This garment's own yarn is also used to make its label
- Cancellato is a luxury knitwear brand based in Milan. Combining Italian artisanal know-how with new technology in computerised knitting, Cancellato makes avant-garde creations that are like nothing else [/content]