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It's Koi Because...
It's the cup that wakes you up - and you'll only find it at Koibird. Cali-based Essential Medicina's tonic lattes are a caffeine-free blend of tonic herbs which are believed to strengthen the body, offer bags of energy and focus the mind. This particular energy-boosting turmeric blend is a spicy golden latte designed to help comfort and keep you healthy through change and transition, tonify digestion and your metabolism, warm the heart and nourish the inner fire. Hot, hot, hot! Simply blend it with milk or a milk alternative, blend and sip - it's got herbal power.
Geeky Deets
- Make ours a tonic latte
- Exclusive to Koibird in the UK
- Full ingredients include: *Astragalus, *Turmeric, *Goji, *Rooibos, *Mesquite, *Red Maca, *Cinnamon, *Ginger, *Maitake, *Cardamom, *Red Root, *Licorice, *Rhodiola, *Vanilla, *Nutmeg. *Organic ingredient
- Paleo and Keto diet friendly
- Plant-based and grain-free with no added sugar or sweeteners
- How to use: add 1tsp of your tonic to a cup of warm or cold milk (or milk alternative), sweeten to taste, blend and sip
- 45g
- Drawing on the ancient traditions of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, Cali-based Essential Medicina uses the power of tonic herbs to create its energy-boosting tonic lattes. Each blend offers something unique for the mind, body and soul, but every tonic is energy-boosting, mind-focusing and sure to leave you feeling totally koitastic

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