coyote mint by saguara perfumes


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It's Koi Because...
It's scent-sationally good. - and you'll only find it at Koibird. Los Angeles-based Saguara Parfums is inspired by the Californian desert and its artisanal scents are handmade in LA using delicate desert flora and native herbs. Its 'Coyote Mint' scent captures fresh desert mint and a waft of smoke in a cleansing and cooling blend of desert herbs, heady jasmine, warm vanilla and smoky Palo Santo - a sacred wood that's said to protect against negative energy and lift spirits. Spritz on and smell good, koigirls.
Geeky Deets
- Unique fragrances created and handmade in Los Angeles - Exclusive to Koibird in the UK
- Coyote Mint's key notes: mint, smoke, jasmine, vanilla, Palo Santo
- Saguara Perfumes pays homage to the Californian desert with its artisanal fragrances which are handmade in LA using desert flora and native herbs to capture the ancient spirit of this harsh yet harmonious landscape
- Handmade in small batches in Capsule Parfumerie's Los Angeles-based studio
- 50ml
- Los Angeles-based Capsule Parfumerie is a multi-brand fragrance house that specialises in unique, handmade fragrances made in small batches from the world's highest quality oils, resins and raw ingredients. Capsule Parfums and Saguara Perfumes are two standout brands from this contemporary fragrance house, both of which you'll find at Koibird
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