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[title open] It's Koi Because [/title]

We (g)love - and you'll only find them at Koibird in the UK. Crafted from butter-soft black nappa lambskin and white Mongolian goat fur, these luxurious gloves are designed and handmade in France. Marrying modern design with traditional craftsmanship, these statement Causse Gantier gloves are warm, stylish and a lil' wild. [/content]

[title] Geeky Deets [/title]

- Simply the best - with generations of glove-making history
- Exclusive to Koibird
- Designed and handmade in Millau, France
- Made from nappa lambskin and Mongolian goat fur
- Founded in 1892, Causse is one of France's greatest glove-making companies. Combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative designs and beautiful materials, each pair of gloves is a work of art [/content]