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[title open] It’s Koi Because…[/title]

[content] It's the king of knits. Made entirely by hand in New York by premium knitwear brand, Spencer Vladimir, this oversized sweater is crafted from a luxurious merino wool and cashmere blend. This large and long style has a roll neck, long sleeves and an intricate cable knit design. Cocooning and comfortable, it's a statement knit like no other.[/content]

[title] Geeky Deets [/title]

- The beyond big statement knit
- Handmade in New York
- 85% merino wool, 15% cashmere
- Spencer Vladimir is the premium knitwear brand that hand makes every single garment in New York city. Renowned for its use of luxury yarns and cashmere as well as unexpected cables, crochets and colours, there's no mistaking a Vladimir knit [/content]