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kale & grapefruit 2x juice cleanse mask


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It's Koi Because...
It's a juice cleanse for your face. Ariul's Juice Cleanse Kale and Grapefruit Mask contains nutrients from fruits and vegetables, and is formulated to replenish your skin in four areas: anti-wrinkle, brightening, moisturizing and pore tightening. Get excited KOIGIRLS: this mask is a game-changer.
Geeky Deets
- Ingredients include kale, grapefruit, broccoli, lemon, carrot and vitamin C
- Natural ingredients are mixed with organic honey and aged for 72 hours then safely extracted for unobtrusive replenishment of your skin's health
- A corn-fibre sheet is feather light but holds incredible amount of essence and adheres tightly to skin with minimal creases. Made from natural corn, it is safe to use on sensitive skin and is fully biodegradable
- How to use: leave mask on clean skin after toner for 20 minutes. Gently pat leftover essence for complete absorption. Refrigerate before use for maximum results
- 2 masks in a pack
About the Brand
Ariul harnesses the power of natural ingredients to provide skin with relief from the environmental stressors of modern life. It applies the idea of detoxing to skincare, exploring how ingredients that are good for your insides can work wonders for your complexion. One of the brand’s massively popular seven-day sheet masks sells every eight seconds in Korea!
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