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[title open] It’s Koi Because…[/title]

[content]Cable knit accessories are a thing. This chunky, cable knit handbag by artisanal handbag label, Muuñ, is crafted in Ghana from pure wool in bold, bright red. Stylish and roomy, this everyday tote bag has contrast handles, straps and ties and comes in a classic cable knit twisted design. [/content]

[title] Geeky Deets [/title]

[content]- A knitwear junkie's dream
- Made in Ghana
- Outer: 100% wool; Lining: 100% cotton; Straps: 100% leather; Handles: 67% polyviscose, 33% polypro
- Length: 45cm; Height: 32cm; Width: 14cm
- Artisanal handbag label, Muuñ, marries African, French and Japanese influences and inspirations to create beautiful handbags. From hand woven baskets made in Ghana to winter knitted designs, a Muuñ handbag looks good on any arm [/content]