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happiness adaptogenic dopamine & stress relief tonic


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It's Koi Because...
These high-vibe herbs are our medicine - and you'll only find them at Koibird. One of the biggest ranges in Pharmacy K, Anima Mundi specialises in all things herbal with the aim to bring ancient remedies to the modern world. This Happiness tonic is crafted by Anima Mundi's clinical herbalists in Brooklyn, NY and is designed to relieve stress, anxiety and depression, stabilise hormones and provide a soothing effect for the nervous system thanks to its blend of adaptogens and 'happy' herbs. Drop it into your drink of choice before meals, and smile.
Geeky Deets
- The apothecary on a mission to preserve the wisdom of ancient botany
- Exclusive to Koibird in the UK
- Handmade with love by a clinical herbalist in Brooklyn, NY
- Full ingredients include: mucuna, ashwagandha, albizzia, st johns wort, rhodiola extracted in organic cane alcohol and vegetable glycerin 
- Ingredients are directly sourced from native people and small farmers from the rainforest lands, as well as other parts of the world, ensuring the botanicals retain the highest potency
- Anima Mundi supports true fair trade practices to help develop small economies
- 2oz
- Vegan, organic and non-GMO
- How to use: add 30-50 drops to your drink of choice 2-3 times a day
- Drawing inspiration from several healing traditions such as Rainforest Tribal herbalism, Ayurveda and Daoist-Chinese medicine, Anima Mundi herbal products are all handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY by clinical herbalists. Its range uses the most-medicinal botanicals found in nature resulting in fresh, vibrant formulas, and is the biggest in Pharmacy K
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