What do Martha Stewart, Mary Berry and Monica Geller all have in common? They’re all the perfect host. Read this and so are you.

Holiday season is around the corner, and with it comes one thing in particular, hosting. Thanksgiving is less than a fortnight away, and everyone knows after that it’s a quick ride until Christmas. This year we’ve got pretty good at hosting, we have had a lot of practice with the endless nights at home. With not many places to go or things to do, dinner time has become an event, even for just a table of 4. Because if there’s one thing we look forward to, god knows it’s eating! TV presenter Laura Jackson, who founded the supper club Hoste London, started an Instagram sensation this year with her hashtag, #MakeAMealOfIt - encouraging everyone to put an effort into their meals - be this with recipes, table setting or choice of dress. In light of this, to ensure you’re making the most when hosting, channelling your inner Martha Stewart and Monica Gellar (although not when she gets the turkey stuck on her head), we divulge our tablescaping tips, favourite recipes, and of course, best dresses for events at home.


On a day that revolves essentially around the food you eat, there’s a pressure to get it spot on. From the main event, the turkey, to pumpkin-infused sangria, dessert and dips - these are some of our fail-safe food coma-inducing recipes.


This late in November, it’s our last chance to go autumnal for your table setting. Be sure to add the colourful pumpkin and squash varieties to your shopping list, these make excellent seasonal table ornaments. Use props from outside – the garden or your local park – pick up a few of the last of dried golden leaves outside, and if you can, some chestnuts, conkers or pine cones. Dried fruit, especially oranges, are a good addition too. Not only does it add extra tones and layers, it gives citrusy aroma to the room. This is the perfect base before you layer with your candles, ribbons, tableware and any other finishing touches.



Is it even Thanksgiving or Christmas day if you don’t get into an argument with your older brother over Monopoly? It’s a tradition! But this year, let’s steer away from the monotony of Monopoly, instead opt for Articulate – no you don’t have to be a wordsmith, you just need to really understand the mind of your partner. Or if the children are in bed and it’s just the adults left, Cards Against Humanity is sure to expose the most controversial minds amongst you.

If you’re traditionalists, there’s nothing wrong with good old fashioned Trivial Pursuit, Charades, Pictionary or Never Have I Ever, just be prepared to learn far too much about your parents sex life.

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