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Lockdown restrictions are easing, but our sartorial choices are not. This year, July 4th will be known in the UK as the day we can really go out-out - here’s how to dress for it.

July 4th, also known as Independence Day ( i.e Party in the U.S.A!), also known as the day we can officially visit more places than the supermarket. Quarantine restrictions are to relax in the UK, and by God are we excited. We can host dinner parties for more than just our dog and we can watch movies outside of our 42” veteran. Perhaps cocktails with friends will even be a possibility? Please excuse us whilst we call Purl for a reservation!

A whole new meaning to ‘independence’ has been struck upon us, but what will we wear? Because we’ve sort of forgotten how to dress, haven’t we? We’ve been WFH in sweats, dad’s t-shirts and last night’s pyjamas. We haven’t worn a bra in 3 months and our hair doesn’t know how to behave, it’s been scrambled into some sort of pineapple-shaped mountain on the top of our head every day.

But alas! KOIBIRD has the answer for whatever your plans are. We’re here and ready to dress you like a warm hug from a friend that you haven’t seen in a while.

You might have seen too much of your other half in the last three months, but have you seen them over candlelight? CLAN’s white poplin dress, with its lace-up Bishop’s sleeves and bow-collar, oozes femininity and romance, and don’t forget heels - it’s the first opportunity we’ve had in months after all!

Favourite eateries:
The Shed, Notting Hill, for its atmosphere
Dishoom, Kensington, for its chilli cheese toast

Without any prospect of a holiday on the horizon, if you’re visiting a park it’s probably to get a sense of foreignness that you can’t get from your own back garden. You want to lie back in Kensington Gardens with eyes closed and imagine the sounds of the Serpentine are the sounds of the sea. There’s no better item of clothing to transport you emotionally somewhere else than Chufy’s animal print Femi shirt dress, and nothing says picnic in the park better than a wicker basket bag. 

Most-loved green spaces:
The Hill Garden and Pergola, Hampstead
Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington

Reclining in those cinema chairs calls for something cool, casual and comfortable. Kikoromeo’s tie-dye overalls are exactly that:

Top cinemas:
Electric Cinema, Portobello Road
Everyman Cinema, Hampstead.

Proper flat whites, poached eggs with actual runny yolks, not to mention catching up with friends after 3 months of nothing to catch up on. There’s a million reasons to love brunch, but is the opportunity to wear that Tata Naka kimono the best one? Perhaps.
Best brunch in town:
Bourne & Hollingsworth, Clerkenwell
EL&N, Belgravia

No doubt this will be the busiest night in the pub all year. Is there a worse faux-pas than showing up on day 1 out of lockdown in the same ensemble as someone else? No. So you better wear something one-off. Morphew’s 1970s Western dress is exactly that; a true one-of-a-kind, and it’s as cool as that Aperol Spritz you’re about to have in hand.

Top London pubs:
The Wigmore, The Langham, Marylebone
The Lore of the Land, Fitzrovia 

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