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2020 is depressing, but alas! We have a solution.

In these uncertain times, you have to take pleasure in the simple things. It may be depressing that we’ve not had a chance to wear that new bikini this summer, and that party dress has taken a rain check, but you know what’s not depressing? Colourful loungewear. Loungewear has become a staple this year. In fact, it’s become a uniform. Our new commute from bed, to desk, to sofa has left us wanting to remain in pyjama-level comfort for eternity. And as you may expect, KOIBIRD’s loungewear isn’t like any other. You’ve already seen our selection of animal print knits, but there’s more! There’s also loungewear from JoosTricot, Laneus and more in *literally* every colour of the rainbow. Not only is it unbelievably soft, it’s medically proven to make you happier (not really, but you get the gist). Surrounding yourself with colour can enhance dopamine levels. Well, any excuse...

MR MITTENS Jackie Jumper (Coming Soon) SPENCER VLADIMIR Berlage Scarf (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon

Moon Boot
Coming Soon

TATA NAKA Cashmere Intarsia Vest (Coming Soon) MIRA MIKATI Rainbow Chevron Intarsia Trousers

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