brown is the new black

Move over Black, there’s a new staple hue in town

Don’t worry Black, we still love you, but we’d like to make a case for a new neutral. With its variety of tones, brown offers more sartorial choice than its friend on the end of the spectrum. It’s soft, warm and forgiving on all skin tones, and it alludes to (almost) all good things; autumn, coffee, chocolate pudding, Orlando Bloom’s big dreamy eyes. Brown is a woman with many sides, she has lots to offer. Colour wise, there’s mud, tan, tawny, russet, caramel… camel! Where black, really, is just black. The trick to pulling off head-to-toe hazels is layering. Have fun with adding contrasting textures, prints and hues. Pull lighter shades of snakeskin from Magda Butrym, and pair with a check print from AREA or Material Tbilisi, then add a plain base layer, like this knitted polo. Et voilà! You just completed 2020’s answer to Harling Ross’ stick of butter trend. Now let’s just give it great a name, shall we? 

“The trick to pulling off head-to-toe hazels is layering.”

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