From Mira Mikati to Harling Ross, some of our favourite Koigirls share what they’ll be buying from KOIBIRD this Christmas.

Christmas is great, isn’t it? There’s an unrivalled amount of family time, a surplus of joy and merriment, not to mention plentiful mince pies and Brussels sprouts. Oh the sprouts! But there’s one thing that comes with Christmas that does make it somewhat daunting. Gifting. You want to get it just right, you make list upon list, you subtly pose questions in passing to gauge their impression beforehand, you scroll sites, you buy, you return, you agonize! The thing with present giving is, everyone has a different approach. Some go sentimental and some just go extravagant. Some are organised months in advance whilst others (usually your dad, brother, husband) will wait until Christmas Eve to start theirs. Many wrap with all the ribbons, bells and whistles whilst many others opt for simple parcel tape or a gift bag. But that’s what we love about gifting season. It’s personal and it’s precious. We ask some of our KOIBIRD friends what they’ll be giving their nearest and dearest this year, and what gifting season means to them.


Writer & Brand Consultant

“My family doesn't exchange many presents during the holidays beyond a very enthusiastic and mostly gag-oriented “Secret Santa,” but I love the process of picking out a thoughtful gift for someone when I have the opportunity. If I’m stumped about what to get, I often default to a homemade gift — I’m a big fan of gifting long letters where I write down everything I love about the friend or family member in question (a little corny, but a guaranteed home run every time!). Otherwise, I keep a little note in my phone going with random gift ideas to use as needed — mostly stuff from small, independently owned brands. It’s really rewarding on a personal level to support businesses that actually know and care when you buy something from them, and they also have more unique things to choose from. KOIBIRD is a great place for finding gifts like this because there are so many cool small brands carried on the site. Some favorites include:  

Areaware, maker of candles that are almost too pretty to burn, like these squishy Goober ones. The ideal practical but still fun-to-get gift for anyone, because who doesn’t love things that make their homes smell less human-y and more garden-y?

Bea Bongiasca, a jewelry designer I’ve admired for years. If you’re in the market for a real splurge gift or even just creative window shopping inspiration, check out her tendril rings.

Yukiko Morita, a former baker who lamented the amount of unsold bread going to waste so started coating loaves with resin and turning them into lights! Each lamp is handmade in Japan. This one looks good enough to eat.


Creative Director of Mira Mikati

“I get more excited to gift someone something that they will love, rather than receiving gifts myself. When purchasing presents, I always try to think of a gift that would make the person smile. For me, I always prefer to receive experiences rather than things. In fact, the best gift I ever received was when my husband surprised me and kidnapped me to Tokyo without me knowing where I was going. It was only when I was on the plane and the stewardess said that we will land at Narita airport did I realise we were going to Japan. I had packed a summer suitcase so had to wear my husband’s sweaters in Tokyo instead but it was still by far the best present ever, to discover what became my favorite city.”


Chair and co-founder of Smart Works charity and former Fashion Editor of Vogue.

“Every year I have a strict word with myself about not being lured into choosing things I would love to have presented to me… On KOIBIRD’s excellent website I have managed to find something for everyone, both the girls and boys. That I, ahem, like as well.

Some of my highlights from my choices are the Irene Neuwirth botanical rose gold stud earrings for my daughter-in-law, she deserves something special this year as she was in charge of COVID admissions at St Mary’s.

Also the Bordallo Pinheiro earthenware pineapple jar for my son, which he will no doubt use as a funky ice bucket. The pink sheepskin hot water bottle by Nature’s Collection is also a must as it’s the perfect present for last minute drop-ins.” 


Brand & Communications Director for the MAGRABi Group, Founder & Curator of House of Today and Founder, Creative Director of 13BC.

“Gift shopping for me is often spontaneous. I like to scroll through a site and spot something that reminds me of someone. It’s much more meaningful when a gift symbolises something to the recipient… A shared moment, a happy memory, an inside joke. I go with the principle that good gifting should make the recipient feel special, and you victorious for nailing it!” 

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