Ever wanted to summer like a swimwear designer? Listen up as Leslie Amon divulges all her vacationing recommendations

Known for her confidence-boosting beachwear that takes you from beach to bar without a change of dress, Leslie Amon is the swimwear designer creating nostalgia-inducing bikinis and bodywear. Made in Italy from French fabrics, her pieces are cut from a superior cloth, promising flattering fits and lifelong wearability. Brought up in Switzerland, coming from Egyptian descent and living between Paris and Geneva, Amon isn’t just a designer, she’s also a seasoned traveller. Spend a moment scrolling her Instagram feed and you’ll see she’s somewhat of an Instagram It-girl; sun worshipping on yachts in the Caribbean, partying with Rita Ora in Ibiza… If you were to trust anyone’s summer recommendations, take it from us, Amon’s would be it. So we asked for her two cents when it comes to vacationing across the globe…

KOIBIRD: In your opinion, which is the greatest city in summer? 

Leslie Amon: Ibiza for the beaches, the nightlife, the hippie culture, and the family ethos. You have everything on one island. 

K: What’s the most beautiful beach you’ve sunbathed on?

L: Le Gouverneur beach in St Barths or Espalmador in Formentera 

K: In another life, where would you like to live?

L: Los Angeles because the light and temperature is just perfection.

K: When you travel, what can you absolutely not leave without?

L: My son, Swan

K: What’s the greatest dish you’ve had on vacation?

L: Mozzarella with lemon tree leaves at Da Adolfo in Positano are to die for

K: Your apéritif of choice?

L: Spicy frozen margarita mezcal 

Mozzarella with lemon tree leaves at Da Adolfo in Positano

Raas Devigarh Hôtel in Udaipur

Hotel Cala di Volpe, Jacques Couëlle, Sardinia, 1962

K: What’s your all-time favourite shop to visit, that you don't have at home?

L: The Gem Palace in Jaipur 

K: Which hotel have you had the best night’s sleep in?

L: The Ritz in Paris, bed perfection. 

K: And which hotel had the most impeccable interiors?

L: Villa Treville in Positano 

K: Name your top undiscovered destination? 

L: Raas Devigarh Hôtel in Udaipur for that lost in translation feeling, it allows you to feel as if you are part of another century. Also Bar Palladio restaurant in Jaipur for the spaghetti, which yes – is even better than in Italy. 

K: Which celebrity would you least like to travel around the world with?

L: Donald Trump

K: ...And most?

L: Kylie Jenner for the cruising, the outfit planning and the gram 

K: Who is your favourite travel companion?

L: Giambattista Valli, his eye for hidden gems is out of this world.

K: On a flight, would you rather be without your headphones or your book?

L: Headphones 

K: Beach or a pool?

L: Beach 

K: Margarita or Aperol Spritz?

L: Margaritas, always. 

K: If you could recommend one place in the world, where would it be? 

L: A trip through all India for the most mind blowing experience in terms of colours, culture, inspiration and a true disconnection from the city you’re used to living in. 

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