MooN bOOTs Are BaCk

The enduring appeal of the iconic shoe 


Look at the feet of the fashion forwards and you might see something strange. Something puffy, squidgy, supersized and branded...It is of course, the Moon Boot. The now iconic boot could be described as the marmite shoe of the fashion world, often polarising style tribes. But, over the past few years (and particularly recent weeks), Moon Boots have seen a resurgence, becoming more than just a functional boot for the snowy slopes, they have accumulated cult fashion status thanks in part to the revival of Y2K fashion within the luxury market and celebrities embracing the alien shaped bootie.

On the Fall/Winter 21 catwalks luxury houses showed many iterations of the Moon Boot. Miu Miu had their oversized yeti boots in shades of black and brown and Chloé created versions with technical rope-lacing and fur. Kendall Jenner and, admittedly the queen of the Moon Boot, Paris Hilton, are mega fans and often are pictured wearing the style, the former more recently on her latest ski trip. 

According to Forbes, Moon Boots has now sold over 45 million shoes globally and the brand is hash-tagged on Instagram more that 500 times a day. The pièce de résistance? The Louvre Museum has weighed in too, categorising the shoe as a “significant design object” of the 20th century. Well, if it’s good enough for the Louvre.

But what of the Moon Boots origins? The clue is in the title. Founder Giancarlo Zanatta was directly inspired by the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landings. Having witnessed this momentous moment, he decided to create his own boot as technically advanced as the astronauts', and since it’s conception that very year, it has remained one of the world’s most popular après-ski boots. 

So, even if you’re not about to dance the night away at an après bar in the icy Dolomites, and are instead about to embark on a champagne-fuelled evening at London’s chic Brutto restaurant, let us at KOIBIRD keep you suited and (Moon) booted. 

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