These are our hopes, dreams and schemes for 2022 dressing


‘2022’ sounds an awful lot like ‘2020 too’. As concerning as this is, we are choosing to ignore it. After all, we have more important things to worry about. Namely, what we want 2022 to mean for our wardrobes. Without further ado, here are our style resolutions. Here’s to living in excitement rather than fear. 

Rewind to the beginning of 2020. There is no pandemic, there is no lockdown. I’m living my best life changing outfits multiple times a day skipping from one event to the next. Now, in the present, the reality is that I spend 90% of the time dressed in athletic gear (I like to think I'm channeling 80s Princess Diana). Once a sartorial chameleon, I have learned to embrace the basics. 

My daily question? “Leggings or tracksuit? Oversized hoodie or fleece-lined zip-up?” And you know what? I’m here for it. I feel comfortable, confident, and in many ways not thinking about what I am wearing has allowed me to creatively focus more on my styling of others. But if you do ever need me to contort myself into a yoga pose (why would you, but if you do), you bet my bottom dollar I can do it in my elasticated waistline. 

My resolution is simple: I will buy less, but when I buy, I will buy with purpose. So, my four top picks reflect items that can work with multiple moods and looks. If the past year has taught me anything, it’s that clothing can provide the consistency reality lacks. 


Nadja Knitted Flared Trousers

I fell in love with these Sandra Mansour knitted flares the moment I laid eyes on them, they feel more elevated than the humble tracksuit but don’t scrimp on style. 


The Button Up Knitted Merino Wool Jacket

This knitted jacket can be paired with anything. Smarten up gym gear or pair with jeans - the possibilities are endless.  


Leather Swipe Bag

Not only has this bag become my daily companion thanks to its versatility (there is a serious theme here), but its sculptural shape - inspired by Iphones no less - helps give it that extra edge. It’s your not-so normal-normal day bag.


Quilted Trench Coat

Does a good trench coat even need an explanation? Mandatory for any wardrobe.

2021 started off pretty well for me in terms of style. I became very proud of my headgear, alternating between beanies, fluffy bucket hats, and balaclavas (I bought a hand knitted balaclava and had to try to explain to my family and peers that these would be the next big thing – only now do they believe me). Once we (and my wardrobe) were legally allowed to go out, I decided that truly more is more when it comes to dressing. None of this half-arsed party on top, sweatpants on bottom business. The party became an all-over affair 24/7. What I so missed over lockdown was dressing up, and so 2021 became the year of wearing those items that I would usually reserve for high days and holidays by incorporating them into my day-to-day wardrobe. I’m proud that I saw and wore more of my wardrobe than in the previous year, that I was able to enjoy the clothes I have such an emotional connection to – they bring me a lot of joy! My regret was losing the balaclava.

My style resolution for 2022 is to keep looking at my wardrobe with fresh eyes. It’s so easy to get fed up with items and feel uninspired by the things that have been hanging in your wardrobe for years. Adding new pieces here and there can enliven old classics. I love the mix of new and old, the pleasure is in the styling opportunities! 


Gea Mohair Sleeveless Knitted Cardigan

I can’t help but think of all the things I would layer underneath this adorable knit. It would be WONDERFUL with a full-sleeve high neck blouse, a polo neck or even a plain tee. And it won’t look out of place when spring rolls around, either – it’s an all-rounder. 


Velluto Tasche Leopard Print Trousers

Leopard print is a neutral and I won’t hear otherwise. With these being a slouchy fit they look cool and cosy dressed down with trainers but also more elevated spruced up with a jacket and heels.


Alien Huggies Earrings

Your classic everyday hoop with a twist. I have my eyes on these alien huggies. I can imagine them looking fab with everything I own!


Sherpa Balaclava

Because I desperately need a new one.

For me, 2021 was not a stellar year for fun. I dated no one and went nowhere. Instead, I became something of a pragmatist. This was no bad thing, though. How else would I have finally summoned the effort to get nice clothes that I’d hoarded for years altered to actually fit – and, most importantly, flatter – me? 

Still, the fact remains: being too pragmatic can suck the fun out of life. My 2022 style resolution is to strike a balance between fun and pragmatism. Given the psychic bondage I feel towards black cashmere polo necks and other plain black items of clothing, this is not going to be easy. But the below items should help – or I shall just be forced to just accept myself. 


Sequin Bandana Bikini

I envisage this ridiculously silly and sexy ensemble as being the talisman that will enable me to finally go on bloody holiday. Failing that, I’d wear the top to go out out and the bottoms around the flat.


Minnie Nuke Puffer Jacket

Remember ‘the psychic bondage I feel towards black cashmere polo necks and other plain black items of clothing’? Well, I relapsed already. 


Coco Cashmere Trousers

Lockdown or no lockdown, I do a lot of languishing. Sometimes this makes me feel like I am an awful, useless person. Maybe that wouldn’t be the case if I languished in cashmere instead. I unashamedly adore pink too.


Mars Water-Repellent Velvet Boots

No chance of slipping over on piles of wet leaves in these.

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