Turning water into wine? No problem.

If you're a forward-thinking sort of person, you'll already be weighing up outfit options for upcoming events. That doesn't mean the present has to be neglected, though. This NERVI dress will be as much of a hit at Fashion Month in September as it will be at a fabulous yacht party now.

Looking for somewhere fun to go? Look no further than Somerset House. Throughout August, the iconic space is playing host to This Bright Land, ‘a summer celebration of community and culture’. Friday sees ESEA Sisters (a collective making space for women, trans*, non-binary & genderqueer folks of East and Southeast Asian heritage) takeover the courtyard for a curated evening of performances and art.

There are some people in this world who only go to an exercise class for the sumptuous brunch afterwards. We may or may not be among them. Still, wouldn't it be nice if you could do both under one roof? That’s the whole premise of Brompton Road’s VOLONTÉ, a fitness studio-cum-cafe offering a genuinely balanced take on wellness.

Would you like some wine? Perhaps a seltzer? No? Fine, a coffee? Sure, I’ll just add water. Welcome to the future of the drink industry. Tech company Cana are developing a molecular drink printer that can make you anything just by using water. It’s as mad as it sounds. The project has already raised $30million in investment, and will cost you a mere $499.

From her starring role in Grease to her hit single Physical, Olivia Newton-John was an icon of the highest order. We’ll be indulging in both the former and the latter this Sunday to celebrate her.

Perfect for hazy summer evenings but equally for long car journeys as you ponder the meaning of life.

Our columnist Paul McLauchlan explores the connection between fast cars and fashion, while we explore the connection between endless summer weddings and new outfits (the latter is a bit more obvious).

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