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It can be easy to feel resentful of resort wear and all that it represents. After all, the closest many of us have got to an infinity pool this winter has been watching rain accumulate on our flat roof or patio – how joyful. Whether this is an actual injustice or just pure jealousy is a matter of personal opinion, but too much of the latter in your system and you risk missing out on the most important thing of all: good clothes. And, in the case of resort wear (and statement jewellery) brand Vanda Jacintho, this comes in abundance with a walk-in wardrobe of good feeling – and good ethics – too.

LANEUS Girocollo Aran Sweater

When you consider the background of Vanda herself, none of this is surprising. Being born and raised anywhere in Brazil would be stimulating enough, but surprisingly Vanda is actually from a farm in the Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland area which provides the habitat for thousands of plant and animal species. 


Living among such biodiversity “created a vibrant living tableau,” Vanda tells us. “My childhood never ceases to inspire me.” It’s not just the whereabouts of her childhood that have proved inspiring, though: “my mother managed the farm and [raised] us children, but she took time to celebrate, as did my grandmother, and I loved watching them dress up and accessorise in bright colours.” 

LANEUS Girocollo Aran Sweater
LANEUS Girocollo Aran Sweater

Alongside “the sounds, colours and smells of Brazil mixed with [Vanda’s] life in the city as a young stylist working for Vogue”, women “with strength and personality” are what set the tone of Vanda Jacintho as a whole. “This season is all about [the American art collector] Peggy Guggenheim,” Vanda says. A fitting inspiration given her assertion that what distinguishes Vanda Jacintho from its peers is that it “makes you feel part of a creative, artistic crowd.” Almost predictably, the collection itself is one of breezy bohemian silhouettes and artistic nomenclature (take the Modernist Pleat Dress, for example). Tellingly, “a collaboration with a great artist” is part of Vanda’s vision for the brand’s future. 

LANEUS Girocollo Aran Sweater

Either as a result of a childhood spent in close proximity to the richest of Earth’s offerings or just because any deviation from this viewpoint is somewhat reckless given the state of the world, “sustainability is a core value to [Vanda Jacintho],” Vanda states. And she’s not afraid of using unconventional methods to keep things as sustainable as possible. Creating patina (the turquoise colour change that happens to metals over time) on a piece of jewellery such as the Large Oval Necklace requires oxidation. Usually, this process uses a lot of harsh chemicals and therefore isn’t particularly good for the environment. Vanda avoids this eco-conundrum by oxidising metals in “potato chips and vinegar for up to ten days” instead. Intrigued? So are we. “I found this process after many years of testing and the results are beautiful and long-lasting. I love having the possibility to innovate my creative process and come up with more sustainable production processes,” she reveals. “Every season I push the boundaries of what is possible.”


Sustainability and strong women aside, Vanda Jacintho clothes themselves are fundamentally about travel. One of Vanda’s desires for 2022 is that “people travel again more and my brand becomes a statement for the glamorous traveller.” For her “the ideal hot weather outfit is one that you can easily pack, makes you feel wonderful in even unbearably hot weather and takes you from the beach to a glamorous cocktail party by the pool.” Conveniently ticking all these boxes are the brand’s luxurious panneaux, which can be worn four ways: as sarongs, trousers, jumpsuits and dresses. 

Ultimately, however, Vanda just wants her customers to wear her “products when they are happy with friends, enjoying nature and living in a moment of joy and ease.” And rightfully so – that’s what we all deserve.

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