From boot camps to reformer pilates

Words by Flora Macdonald Johnston

For many, the concept of exercise can be a pretty daunting thought, but it doesn't have to be. If you choose wisely, some classes will actually make you enjoy the burn and feel mentally electric and fabulous. 

So, from gruelling but satisfying outdoor boot camps to sleek and chic reformer pilates classes, here are some of the best in London to get you into the sweaty summer spirit. 

This studio is one of the best in London for reformer pilates with great equipment and accessories. However, the real winner is the fact that it blends a more athletic style into what is known as classic reformer giving a more complete all body workout. Want to feel those abs shake? This is the class for you. Personally, I like one-to-one sessions as there is more focus on you and the controlled movements on the reformer machine.

Barre, ballet conditioning, pilates, HIIT and yoga - welcome to Paola’s world. Paola has made a name for herself in the fitness industry with her innovative approach to barre, and it’s easy to see why she has become a celebrity favourite. Her hot barre classes are less cardio-intensive but don't think for one moment you will get away with not working - hard. Dynamix stretches, micro-movements and stretches will light those flames deep within your muscles. A workout that really gets you in the zone, it’s a must-try. 

Paola's BodyBarre Hot Barre is available at The South Kensington Club and at The Hot Spot Yoga in Parsons Green.


The beauty of FRAME is that you don’t simply attend one single class, you can choose from a multitude of classes, everything from HIIT, to pilates and 80s dance workouts - and they are all 45minutes so it’s great for those wishing to work out on their lunch break. FRAME has multiple locations across London, this is a major plus point as you don’t have to stick to your local.We recommend the HIIT and dynamic reformer pilates.


Running is one of those sports that starts as a chore but does end up being enjoyable, and doesn’t the gym get kinda monotonous after a while? Embrace the outdoors with Rory Knight, an internationally renowned fitness expert, and Oman Mansour, a running coach who trained under Team GB coaches. This duo will put you through your paces on some of the coolest tracks in London from Battersea to Paddington. It’s perfect for those wishing to become fitter and stronger, but also wish to perfect their running technique. The group atmosphere is also highly motivating, so get ready, set, run!


With all its green spaces, clubs and be-sure-to-book-well-in-advance restaurants, Peckham is a great place to be. But there’s more to the South-East London neighbourhood than partying, grass and gluttony – it’s a great place for yoga too. While there are several studios in the area catering to different desires, our favourite is the intimate (and comfortably heated to the extent that it feels like you’re doing yoga on holiday) Hot Yoga Peckham. Opt for the Power Yoga class if you want a workout in the traditional sense of the word, and Sunday’s Slow Flow if you just want to stretch in peace. 

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