Join us for a tête-à-tête on the slopes 


Our Fashion Director sits down with Candice Lake, photographer and Style Editor at Vogue Australia, for a hot toddy at the KOIBIRD digital après bar.

First things first, the really important question – are you a skier or a snowboarder?

I love skiing! I tried snowboarding a few times but it was definitely not for me!

The slopes really are the winter catwalks – tell us about your ski style, are you someone who likes to be cool and understated, or someone who makes a statement?

I’m Definitely into making a statement. I'm not the best skier, so it’s fun to at least look the part, especially après! I also LOVE when people wear colour on the slopes.

What’s the first thing you look for when you shop for skiwear? Is it more about technical elements or aesthetic?

I think I run 5 degrees colder than everyone else, so it is all about warmth, first and foremost.  

How do you transition your skiwear on the slopes to après? Do you change or literally walk in the bar in your ski boots?

The latter. I look for suits that work outdoors.  

What items from the KOIBIRD ski edit do you have your eye on this season?

This amazing suit is exactly my speed.

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From gloves to winter boots, a scarf or sunnies – what’s the one accessory can’t you live without when in the mountains?

Winter boots and amazing sunglasses.

A lot of vintage styles seem to be trending on the slopes (thinking of Moon Boots and that picture of Princess Diana & Sarah Ferguson in all-in-ones) – which retro ski trends would you bring back?

I have always worn all-in-one-suits. They are so chic! Love the pastels from the 90's as well. I feel like the best era for ski wear was the 70’s.

La Saulire

Do you carry a bag with you on the mountains? If so, what kind (backpack,fanny pack)? And what essentials do you always have in there? (I always have a hip flask and a Mars bar for energy).

I don’t like bags at all when I’m skiing. I always have some chocolate and lip balm in my pockets.  

Where is your all-time favourite ski resort?

I’ve always had the most fun in Courchevel and Zermatt. 

Best restaurant you’ve ever visited (we have to ask, we’re all foodies)

La Saulire in Courchevel Is amazing! It’s intimate and the food is incredible. The best experience I had there was: Each guest will take a snow-mobile up through the mountains to 1850 where we will arrive at a hidden Yurt where a private chef from Le Chabichou will serve delicious traditional French cuisine. It was beyond chic!

What’s the best ski item you’ve ever purchased?

Perfect moments blue all in one look - from KOIBIRD actually!


What’s on your ski playlist?

I prefer not to listen to anything when I’m on the slopes. It's so meditative being up there with just the sound of the wind and the snow.

Goggles or sunglasses?

Sunglasses / I’m not going fast enough

Ultimate question: do you like your crêpes with Grand Marnier or the classic combination of lemon & sugar?

Definitely the classic. Why mess with perfection!

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